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Cloud Learning Plan

Cloud Learning Plan (Pre-K to First Grade)
Science Cloud Science VideosHow Rain Clouds Work Science ProjectLanguage Arts Spelling/Vocabulary WordsColoring Sheet / Spelling Test PrintableLittle Cloud, by Eric CarleMathematics Cloud Clothes Pin Subtraction GameArt and Design Homemade Puffy Paint Nimbus CloudsCotton Ball CloudsHands On Easy Super Soft Cloud DoughSCIENCE
Cloud Science Short Videos - Here are our favorites:
Photo via Trolls Inspired for Kids

All About Clouds What is a Cloud? How are Clouds Formed? Types of Clouds
How Rain Clouds Work Science Project
You will need: Clear containerShaving creamWaterBlue food coloringEye droppers Fill the clear container 3/4 with water, top with shaving creamGive each student a cup of water with 3-5 drops of blue food coloringLet them add droplets of blue water to the shaving cream until it becomes full and begins to release the blue waterExplain that this is how rain cloud produce rain, they collect water droplets (condensation) until they are so full they…

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