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Octopus Crafts and Learning

We had fun learning about the octopus this week. This is a great subject for kids of all ages...
Count to eight with the little onesGet detailed with your crafting for the big kidsCamouflage is fun for everyoneOctopus fun facts are even fun for adults

Here was our learning agenda for Octopus Learning: Twisted paper octopus craftCamouflage painting gameOctopus videos and fun factsOctopus vocabularyTwisted Paper Octopus Crafting
Our littles loved twisting paper octopus tentacles and counting! Cut eight strips of thin paper and a circle to make a face. Let them glue their twisted arms onto the octopus faces for a super cute 3D craft!

Camouflage Painting Game
We painted ocean, seaweed, and rock to make a camouflage habitat octopus game. Simply cut the shapes out of each painted paper. See images below...

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