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Kindergarten: Amphibian Learning Plan

Amphibian Learning Plan (Pre-K to First Grade)

Amphibian VideosAmphibian Life Cycle Coloring SheetFor Gifted Students: Amphibian Fact SheetLanguage Arts Spelling Words (arm tracing)Spanish PracticeMathematics Mr. Toad - Counting by Flies (Fives)Art Popsicle Stick SalamandersPaper Rolled Frog FacesGet Moving Frog Fly CatchersLeap Frog RacesSCIENCE
Amphibian Videos
Image via FreeSchool
Happy Learning: Amphibians Free School: All About Amphibians Homeschool Pop: Amphibians for Children
Amphibian Life Cycle Coloring Sheet
Here is a printout for the amphibian life cycle:

Early Readers/Gifted Students: Amphibian Fact Sheet

Spelling Words and Arm Tracing
Spelling Words: FrogToadNewtSalamander We practice saying and spelling the words, then tracing them on our arms. This excersize really helps visual and kinesthetic learners!

Spanish Vocabulary
We used these cards to practice reading and pronouncing words in Spanish.

Mr. Toad Game - Counting by Flies (Fives)

First we sponge-pai…

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