Dress for the Weather Learning Plan

Dress for the Weather


  • Spelling/Vocabulary
    •  double vowel word cards
    •  whiteboard brainstorm - double vowel words
  • Life/Social Studies
    •  Discuss what to wear
    •  Checking the weather online/tablet
    •  What to wear worksheets
    •  3x5 cards for cold and warm weather
  • Art
    • Sun and cloud mobiles
  • Math
    • Less than sock number worksheet
    • Thermometer worksheet
  • Science
    • Snow hat jar experiment
  • Music and Games
    • Mixed up match game with socks and mittens


Double Vowel Spelling Words: let them trace and practice spelling
  • Boot
  • Coat
  • Shoe
  • Sweater

Whiteboard Brainstorm for Double Vowels: use the whiteboard or chalkboard to let the kiddos help you think of double vowel words...


Discuss What to Wear: do a circle time talking about different articles of clothing

Check the Weather Online: show the students an online weather report and ask them to tell you about it, also answer any questions they may have (don't forget to check the weather report everyday during the learning unit to help them learn by repetition) 

What to Wear Worksheet:

3x5 Cards for the Weather : give each student four cards and have them draw and label four articles of clothing for warm weather -- do the same for cold weather


Sun and Cloud Mobiles: Use a mixture of colors to paint a sunshine and cloud on tagboard or paper plates, cut them out when they dry and punch holes in them. Next, punch holes in the 3x5 articles of clothing and hang them from the clouds... great for fine motor and organizational skills!


Less Than Sock Worksheet: color the socks with a number less than 10

Thermometer Worksheet: practice filling in the thermometer with the current high and low temperatures


Snow Hat Jar Experiment: use the following worksheet to let your students practice the scientific method for this experiment


1. Fill two identical jars with hot water from the tap
2.You can use a thermometer to measure them or just dip your fingers in to feel they are warm
3. Place them both in the refridgerator for one hour, but place a snow hat on one of them
4. Feel the jars after an hour and see which one is warmer/colder

(let them practice hypothesizing and recording their results)


Mix and Match Game: use colorful socks and mittens to create a big pile and play some fun music while they get silly sorting and matching the pairs -- this also turned into a big sock fight which was super fun :)

Keep Learning, and HAVE FUN!