Kindergarten Saturday Science: "Dissolving"

Here is a quick experiment for young scientists to learn what "dissolve" means. We were using epsom salt in the bath, and we got to talking about what it means to dissolve. The next day we decided to get household objects to see if they would dissolve too.

Note: You can record results in many different ways with your littles, we chose to use a timer (because they love timers) and this made for a silly game, but if you would like to be more specific, you can just mix your variables for a set amount of time and record the results.

Here is what we did:

1. Use five clear containers (jars work great) and fill with 1 cup water

2. Have 1 tablespoon of each variable ready for the children to pour into the water
[salt, sugar, flour, baking soda, baking powder]

3. Let each student make a hypothesis if the controlled variables will or will not dissolve in the water

4. Let each child take turns pouring the mixtures, and stirring (we timed our stirring)

5. Record the results (this can be tricky, because some of the variables don't dissolve completely, but this is a great opportunity to let your children describe what they have observed in their owns words)

6. You can also have them rank the solutions from 'most dissolved' to 'least dissolved'... just to get them discussing their observations.

7. Keep learning, and have FUN!