Kindergarten: Amphibian Learning Plan

Amphibian Learning Plan (Pre-K to First Grade)

  • Amphibian Videos
  • Amphibian Life Cycle Coloring Sheet
  • For Gifted Students: Amphibian Fact Sheet
Language Arts
  • Spelling Words (arm tracing)
  • Spanish Practice
  • Mr. Toad - Counting by Flies (Fives)
  • Popsicle Stick Salamanders
  • Paper Rolled Frog Faces
Get Moving
  • Frog Fly Catchers
  • Leap Frog Races

Amphibian Videos

Image via FreeSchool

Amphibian Life Cycle Coloring Sheet

Here is a printout for the amphibian life cycle:

Early Readers/Gifted Students: Amphibian Fact Sheet


Spelling Words and Arm Tracing

Spelling Words:
  • Frog
  • Toad
  • Newt
  • Salamander
We practice saying and spelling the words, then tracing them on our arms. This excersize really helps visual and kinesthetic learners!

Spanish Vocabulary

We used these cards to practice reading and pronouncing words in Spanish.


Mr. Toad Game - Counting by Flies (Fives)

First we sponge-painted paper plates, then cut one in half and stapled it together to make a pocket. We glued on eyes, and punched holes to make strings to wear them like a necklace.  Then, draw 5 flies on each index card (make about 20-30).
See images below:

To Play the Game: Let the kiddos wear the Mr. Toads and sit on the carpet (their lily pad). Scatter the index cards all around, and then call out how many flies they need to eat. 
We say "Mr. Toad needs to eat 15 frogs, HOP TO IT!" Each kiddo hops and counts to 15 by fives while putting the cards into the toads mouth... then back to the lily pad to play again...


Popsicle Stick Salamanders

We used marker to draw on the popsicle sticks then made arms, legs, and tails from pipe cleaners. We used clear tape to attach them ... the kiddos loved this project!

Green Frogs with Rolly Tongues

This is a super easy craft just cut red strips of paper and have the kids roll the paper. Then let them glue the tongues and eyes on the green frog, and color away!


Leap Frog Outside 

Super simple, get outside and hop around like frogs!!

Froggie Fly Catchers

We made these by painting toilet paper rolls green and then taping yarn from the mouth to a paper fly. Wrap the fly in clear contact paper to give it extra weight to catch the fly!

Have fun and keep learning!