Cloud Learning Plan

Cloud Learning Plan (Pre-K to First Grade)

  • Cloud Science Videos
  • How Rain Clouds Work Science Project
Language Arts
  • Spelling/Vocabulary Words
  • Coloring Sheet / Spelling Test Printable
  • Little Cloud, by Eric Carle
  • Cloud Clothes Pin Subtraction Game
Art and Design
  • Homemade Puffy Paint Nimbus Clouds
  • Cotton Ball Clouds
Hands On
  • Easy Super Soft Cloud Dough

Cloud Science Short Videos - Here are our favorites:

Photo via Trolls Inspired for Kids

How Rain Clouds Work Science Project

You will need:
  • Clear container
  • Shaving cream
  • Water
  • Blue food coloring
  • Eye droppers
  1. Fill the clear container 3/4 with water, top with shaving cream
  2. Give each student a cup of water with 3-5 drops of blue food coloring
  3. Let them add droplets of blue water to the shaving cream until it becomes full and begins to release the blue water
  4. Explain that this is how rain cloud produce rain, they collect water droplets (condensation) until they are so full they release rain


Spelling / Vocabulary Words
  • Cumulus Clouds: Puffy clouds that sometimes look like cotton
  • Cirrus Clouds: Wispy high blown clouds
  • Stratus Clouds: Flat sheets of clouds
  • Nimbus Clouds: Clouds that already have rain or snow, only clouds that make lightning

Coloring Sheet / Spelling Test

Here is a printable for your own coloring sheet with a blank space where your students can write their spelling test answers. You can also draw traceable letters so your little ones can trace the words if they aren't ready for spelling (see images below)

Little Cloud, By Eric Carle

We went out under the clouds and looked for different shaped clouds and read this adorable book by Eric Carle


Raincloud Subtraction Game

We made raindrops and glued them on clothes pins.
All the rain drops start in the cloud (see images) then when the teacher writes an equation on the board, the student can come up and move the raindrops to match the equation, then fill in the answer by counting the raindrops left (be sure to give your littlest a try too, you may be surprised!)


Puffy Paint Nimbus Clouds

To make your own puffy paint combine equal parts glue and shaving cream then add about a spoonful of black or gray paint (let your students mix and mix) Then you can paint clouds on stock paper, and add lightning bolts to make your own nimbus clouds

Cotton Ball Clouds

Divide a paper into three sections and let your students make cumulus, cirrus, and stratus clouds. Give them a glue stick and let them glue them to the paper. This is simple, but the kiddos LOVE it!


Cloud dough is always a hit! Here is the super simple recipe:
  • Flour
  • Coconut Conditioner

Equal parts then mix, if it is too sticky, keeping adding flour until it feels like a cloud!