Three Kings Learning Plan

This Christmas we learned about the three kings at the Nativity. The little ones really loved it! Here is the lesson plan:

Learning Activities
  1. The Gifts [Sensory/Kinesthetic]
  2. Three Kings of Orient song [Auditory]
  3. Three Wise Men craft [Sensory/Kinesthetic]
  4. Geography (name and origin of each king) [Visual]
  5. Vocabulary and fill in the blank worksheet [Advanced/Gifted]
  6. Star of Bethlehem craft [Sensory/Kinesthetic]
  7. Additional resources: printouts and books

The Gifts: Sensory Learning

We incorporated sensory learning into our lesson by using essential oils and a gold necklace. We used our vocabulary cards to identify each gift. You can use a small cup and cotton balls to put drops of frankincense and myrrh essential oils for smelling.

Gaspar - Frankincense
Balthasar - Myrrh
Melchior - Gold

Three Kings of Orient Song

My little ones love the Hooplakidz version here:

Three Wise Men Craft

We cut out paper shaped capes, crowns, and circles for faces. Then we let them glue them together and draw faces on each of the kings. It is a super simple craft, but very popular with the kiddos!

We also used glitter glue to make the star of Bethlehem sparkle...


We used google maps to explore the countries of each of the kings. This is great for visual learners!

  • Balthasar of Arabia
  • Melchior of Persia
  • Gaspar of India

Vocabulary Cards and Worksheet

We made a little worksheet so our writer could fill in the blanks of each name from the vocabulary cards.  If you would like to use a printout for a worksheet, there are resources at the end of the post!

Star of Bethlehem Craft

We used black paper strips and glued them to paper then yellow paint to color the star.

Additional Resources

Book: One Night in Bethlehem by: Jill Lord
This touch and feel book is great for beginner readers and toddlers!

Here are two online worksheets we found:

From :

from: Church House Collection