Giraffes Can't Dance Activity Plan

Giraffes Can't Dance, by Giles Andreae is a favorite book around here. Here are some activities to accompany the book, so you can turn your story time into a full day of preschool learning!

  • Paper Bag Puppets
  • Spot Painting
  • Sticker Time
  • Play Dough Invitation to Play
  • Jungle Dance Music Time

Paper Bag Puppets

We made simple shapes: eyes, nose, ears, and horns
Glue them on your paper bag, then use markers or crayons to draw giraffe spots on your puppet

Spot Painting

We used marker lids (but you can use anything from corks to toilet paper tubes)
You can print a giraffe stencil online like this one:

Print or trace onto paper, or just free hand it -- then let your littles dip and dot paint all they want!

Sticker Time

Give your students blue stock card paper, and let them make a night sky like Gerald's dancing scene in the book. We used glitter glue and stickers (planets, and even some insect stickers)...

Once the dip and dot giraffes have dried, cut them and glue them to the stock paper!

Invitation to Play [Dough]

We used giraffes cookie cutter, shells, lentils, googley eyes, playdough tools, sticks, and corks for our invitation to play... but you can get as creative as you'd like. Our little ones had fun making all the animals from the jungle dance, and of course, Gerald!

Jungle Dance Music Time

This was a lot of fun. We have a bongo, but you can use any drum or even an oatmeal container. Each kiddo got a turn playing the music while we all danced around pretending to be all of the animals from the story! Our Tango was "elegant and bold"...

Have fun, and remember we all can dance when we find music that we LOVE!