Solar Eclipse Learning

We had an amazing time traveling to the path of totality for The Great American Eclipse. Here are some of the learning activities we used to help explain a solar eclipse to our preschoolers!

Solar Eclipse Learning
  • Cork Painting Moon and Eclipse Game
  • Chalk and Glitter Eclipse Art
  • Total Solar Eclipse Video
  • Eclipse Glasses/ Safety Learning

  • Advanced Learning: Phases of the Eclipse
  • Advanced Readers: Eclipse Vocabulary Words
Cork Painting Moon and Sun

Using different items for painting utensils always seems to make it more fun. We used corks this time to paint our suns and moons!

Cork Painted Moons: black paper with white paint
Cork Painted Suns: orange paper with yellow paint

As always, things got messy!

Once your suns and moons are dry, cut them into circles.
You can have your little ones practice making their own solar eclipse!

Chalk and Glitter Eclipse Art

Using black paper, we drew circles with chalk. Next, we used cotton balls and brushed the chalk around the circle to form the corona.

On another piece of black paper, we painted glitter moons to glue over the chalk. They turned out great!

We found this video from Kids Learning Tube that our kids LOVE! It talks about the eclipse, the stages, and even safety. Find it HERE

Image from Kids Learning Tube

Eclipse Glasses and Safety

We practiced putting on our glasses and talked about safety. Our preschoolers are not old enough to view the eclipse safely, but we let them learn about the glasses and try them on.

Advanced Learning

For those with advanced learners here are some additional learning activities that our four year old LOVED! Our two year old even picked up some new words...

The phases of the eclipse (we drew them out and made them with our sun and moon crafts)

1. Partial Eclipse
2. Bailey's Beads
3. Diamond Ring Effect
4. Totality
5. Final Stages

Advanced Reading/Vocabulary

Here are the vocabulary words and child friendly definitions we used for our vocab cards:
  1. Corona - crown of the sun
  2. Solar - anything having to do with the sun
  3. Umbra - the darkest part of a shadow

Happy Learning and as always HAVE FUN!