Octopus Crafts and Learning

We had fun learning about the octopus this week. This is a great subject for kids of all ages...
  • Count to eight with the little ones
  • Get detailed with your crafting for the big kids
  • Camouflage is fun for everyone
  • Octopus fun facts are even fun for adults

Here was our learning agenda for Octopus Learning:
  • Twisted paper octopus craft
  • Camouflage painting game
  • Octopus videos and fun facts
  • Octopus vocabulary
Twisted Paper Octopus Crafting

Our littles loved twisting paper octopus tentacles and counting! Cut eight strips of thin paper and a circle to make a face. Let them glue their twisted arms onto the octopus faces for a super cute 3D craft!

Camouflage Painting Game

We painted ocean, seaweed, and rock to make a camouflage habitat octopus game. Simply cut the shapes out of each painted paper. See images below...

We watched a few online octopus videos. Here were some of our family favorites:

(image via National Geographic Kids)

Octopus Vocabulary Cards
  • Camouflage - hiding or blending into the surroundings
  • Habitat - the natural home of a plant or animal
  • Tentacles - a slender and flexible limb of an animal
  • Ink - a colorful liquid

Have fun and KEEP LEARNING!