Garden Activities for Rainy Days

Spring is fabulous, but it often leaves us with rainy days right in the middle of a week-long lesson plan about the GARDEN. So, here are a few ideas to get you through those rainy days, while still teaching your preschooler to appreciate the garden.

  • Number Sunflower Seed Pinwheels
  • Garden Themed Yoga
  • Cup Painting Caterpillars
  • Indoor Herb Garden Planting
  • Garden Books for Preschool

Number Sunflower Seed Pinwheels
  1. Cut round petals and fold them in half
  2. Number them as shown so your preschooler can practice counting while crafting
  3. Make numbered leaves
  4. Have them glue the petals and leaves in order (following your lead)
  5. Then glue sunflowers seeds in the center


Garden Themed Yoga

We prefer to do yoga outside (so if you have a covered porch, it is quite fun on a rainy day). However, the great thing about yoga is you can put your mat down anywhere inside too!

Here are some easy poses for your littles to have fun with:
  • Start in a ball and pretend to be a seed, then slowly grow taller and taller into a tree
  • Sway branches in the breeze, reach for the sun
  • Buzz and swarm like bumble bees
  • Hop like frogs
  • Be caterpillars emerging from their chrysalis
  • Lay on your back and stretch your arms and legs out as far as you can like petals of a flower
Try to let your little yogis come up with their own garden asanas (we usually end up with dinosaurs and elephants too... it's fun)

Cup Painted Caterpillars

This is a fun way to make colorful caterpillar art. Simply get colorful paint and stamp the cups... you can draw faces on them after they dry!

Indoor Herb Gardens

You can start your own herb gardens inside with growing kits for kids. These organic tins are easy, and are guaranteed to grow with water and sunlight! This is a great way to introduce toddlers to responsibilities, because they will water it everyday and get to see the results. (Don't forget math learning with measurements and seed counting!)

Garden Books

There are countless books about gardens and seeds! Here are two of our favorites:

Happy Learning!