The Very Hungry Caterpillar Addition Games

Our little guy has been so excited about learning addition. We created a game to apply kinesthetic learning to his new addition skills. He loves Eric Carle, so we used his Very Hungry Caterpillar flashcards. You can purchase them at your local bookstore or HERE.

We used green cardstock to make leaves and cotton balls for the caterpillar eggs. Then using masking tape, we made a plus and equals sign in between the leaves. We also used an old tin lid and a dry erase marker to write the answers... because he loves them. You can use paper and pencils or whatever your little one likes to write with!

Simply flip a flash card and have your preschooler put the first number of cotton balls on the first leaf, and the same for the second. Then add them up and write the answer! It was a huge hit... and we went through the stack almost TWICE (anything over 30 minutes of engaged activity with this age is a BIG SUCCESS!)

For younger littles, writing a number on the leaf and letting them put the eggs on the correct number makes a great game!

Have fun and keep LEARNING!