Preschool Fun: St. Patrick's Day

Here are some fun crafts for your preschoolers... simple, easy, and inexpensive!

  • Cabbage Painting
  • Folded Glitter Glue Shamrocks
  • Rainbow Stipes
  • Super Simple Leprechaun Hats

Cabbage Painting

This was so much fun. First, we explored the cabbage with magnifying glasses, and talked about what we saw, felt, smelled, and even tasted. Then we got some paint, and painted the cabbage and stamped it onto paper plates. Once they dried, we them into shamrocks!

Folded Glitter Glue Shamrocks

Super easy! Fold green paper in half and cut out shamrocks then let your littles do their glitter glue! Fold them in half and... presto. You can even do the glue, and cut them out after they dry.

Geo Striped-Rainbows

We glued rainbow stripes to green paper. The kiddos loved the way these turned out!

Silly Leprechaun Hats

The kids placed felt scraps on a standard size piece of felt. Then I put a quick stitch where they glued them. Next stitch up each side to make a floppy hat. Our three year old LOVED his hat. He wore it all day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from JellyFishSticks! HAVE FUN!