New Animal Learning: Pangolin and Jerboa

Our little ones are always interested in learning about new animals. We stumbled upon jerboas and pangolins in one of our animal books. Our oldest was interested in learning more... so we made this learning plan. They loved it!

  • Online Images
  • Anatomy Identification Craft
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Comprehension Matching Game
  • Coloring Sheets

Online Images

First we looked at images online to view Jerboas and their features:

image via National Geographic

Anatomy Identification Craft

Next, we did a project to learn about different body parts of the animal. Here is the template we used with simple cardstock, markers, and glue sticks or double sided tape.

Vocabulary Words

We learned the following new words while learning about exotic animals. (I have included the preschool friendly definition we used)
  1. Habitat - The home and surroundings of a person, animal, or plant
  2. Nocturnal - An animal that sleeps during the day and is awake during the night
  3. Diet - What one eats
  4. Location - Where one lives

Comprehension Matching Game

If your student can read, you can use this game (with double sided tape to stick to the words). If your student cannot read, you can give them the cards and call out the word and ask them to hold up the correct matching picture. It is fun for them either way!

Coloring Sheets

There are many coloring sheets available online, but here is one from

  • Online Images
  • Pangolin Scale Collage
  • Habitat Identification
  • Coloring Sheets

Online Images

image via African Wildlife Foundation

Pangolin Scales Collage

We used this template (white colored pencil on black paper):
Then used white printer labels cut in half and brown paper scales to make a pangolin collage.

Habitat Identification

We looked at the two continents with Pangolins (Africa and Asia) and read that they live in trees and on the ground. This is a good way to generate discussions with your preschoolers!

Coloring Sheets

Here is another one from

Have fun and keep learning!