Jellyfish Water Marker Paper Hats

Our little ones LOVED these hats! The water dropped markers made gorgeous artwork... and we had a lot of fun in the process.

First, we used washable markers to draw designs on the paper plates. The more colorful the better!

Once the plates are colored, use eye droppers and water to swirl the colors. This was a HUGE hit for all ages. Don't be afraid to let your littlest ones try the eye dropper art! Just drop the water and swirl, then use a napkin to blot the extra water.

Once the water dries, they look beautiful!

Cut the paper plats into two sections making one side larger than the other (this will be the front and back of your hat)

Use a hole punch to make holes to weave string through both sides to make your hat. You may have to shape it a bit after you have sewn it. Be sure to leave long strings on each side to tie the hat to secure it.

Next, using the hole punch, make a few holes in each side. Attach ribbon, streamer, anything to make the jellyfish tentacles.

Have fun playing Jellyfish ALL DAY!