Prechool at Home: Christmas Crafting

Our toddlers had a lot of fun crafting this Christmas... here are a few of their favorite projects from the season.

  • Candy Cane Garlands
  • Tin Foil Holly Berries
  • Painted Ribbon Tree Twigs
  • Classic Picture Frame Ornaments

Candy Cane Garlands

We made candy canes from paper, and used a few methods to practice their skills.

Under Age FIVE:
  • Cutting practice: cut the candy cane stripes with safety scissors
  • Glueing practice: glue the stripes

Under Age TWO:
  • Sensory practice: finger painting
  • Fine motor practice: pinning stripes onto double sided tape

Tin Foil Holly Berries

Rolling tin foil into little balls made a new challenge for painting, the kiddos thought it was neat. We painted holly leaves on paper plates mixing blue and yellow paint to make textured green.

Painted Ribbon Tree Twigs

We went on a nature walk and collected sticks, then painted them! Next we got different textures of ribbon and practiced tying them to the sticks. It is a good introduction to step one of shoe tying. Once the ribbons are on, simply trim the edges and shape like a tree.

Classic Round Photo Frame Ornaments

This is a classic... if you cant find wood frames to paint, you can make them from cardboard. They make great grandparent gifts!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from JellyFishSticks!