Preschool at Home: Thanksgiving

Our family really enjoyed our November crafts this year. Here are some highlights for your preschool classroom at home!

  • Collage Cornucopia
  • Classic Hand Turkey
  • Trailmix Acorns
  • Paper Bag Branch Garland
  • Glitter Glue Leaves

Collage Cornucopia

For this project we used the local produce ads and old magazines.
We cut out the foods we liked and used glue (big kids) or tape (double sided for babies) to attach them to our stock paper cornucopias.

Classic Hand Turkeys

These never get old. Our three year old is starting to trace his own hands, and practicing with scissors. We wanted to share this EXCELLENT tip from a fellow educator... (draw a symbol on your kiddos thumb so they make sure to keep their thumb pointing up while learning to cut)... it really helped our toddler!

Trailmix Acorns

This is a fun way for littles to practice fine motor skills... glueing anything is usually a big hit! We used beans, cheerios, and lentils.

Paper Bag Branch Garland

We used paper grocery bags cut into strips and twisted to make a branch and attached paper mache leaves to it using wire ties. I was really pleased with the way this one turned out!

Glitter Glue Leaves

We used white paper and glitter glue pens to make these.  Once the glitter is on the paper, fold it in half to make a butterfly-like design. Once they have dried, cut them into feather or leaf shapes and string on the mantle!

We hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!