Halloween Ideas for Preschool at Home

We had a great time this October, with plenty of activities and crafts. Here was our preschool at home activity list... we hope it inspires your next Halloween homeschooling season!

  • Spider Web Sewing
  • Emotional Ghost Mobile
  • Cotton Swab Skeleton Arms
  • Outdoor Pumpkin Painting

Spider Web Sewing

You can use any kid of string for this... the younger the kids the stiffer you will want the string to be. We used nylon thread and put a piece of tape on the end to make a point for easier threading.
  • Punch holes around the edge of the paper plate
  • Tie off one end, and let your toddler move the thread through the holes
  • (Spider rings make this extra fun!)

Emotional Ghost Mobile

For this craft, first we drew shapes and the corresponding emotions. If your preschooler is reading, this is a fun activity for identifying, matching, and reading. If they aren't yet reading, you can practice making faces and do a shape matching activity!

  • Cut out the ghosts and let them glue the shaped mouths to the ghosts
  • Punch holes in the ghosts
  • Attach them to a hanger to make a mobile

Cotton Swab Skeleton Arms

Use black cardstock and color pencils to trace arms and hands
Let your toddler help you make glue lines
Give them plenty of cotton swabs to make their own x-ray skeleton arm

Outdoor Pumpkin Painting

Load up your wagons and take your kiddos outdoors.. the lake, the woods, the backyard, the BEACH! This was so much fun and really beautiful to watch.

Happy Halloween from JellyFishSticks!