Halloween Ideas for Age ONE

Our 15 month old LOVED Halloween! Here were some of her favorite activities from our spooky October fun...

Halloween Activities for Age One
  • Striped Witch Legs
  • Pumpkin Sticker Game
  • Pumpkin Water Paper Painting
  • Spider Ring Webbing
  • Beachside Pumpkin Painting

Striped Witch Legs

  • Trace witch legs onto black card stock and cut them out (you can find silhouettes at EasyFreePatterns HERE)
  • Cut orange stripes
  • We used double sided tape (vertically placed so your baby can choose where to put them)
  • The big kids can use glue sticks!

Pumpkin Sticker Game

This is so easy... and our little one LOVES it. We played it all month! Simply draw and label circles onto paper, and show them how to place the first sticker in the circle... then let them do their thing. [Don't worry if your little one doesn't place them in the circle, placement coordination fluctuates for all ages]... it is all about sticker fun! 

Counting as you go or after can be a fun learning opportunity too!

Pumpkin Water Paper Painting
  • Draw a pumpkin onto orange construction paper with colored pencil
  • Tape the paper to the table/tray
  • Give baby water and a paintbrush
  • Let them show you their artistic abilities... mess free Halloween fun!

Spider Ring Webbing
  • We made webs out of paper plates and string HERE
  • We gave our little one spider rings and the webs to pull, sort, count, explore, feel, discover and learn!

Outdoor Pumpkin Painting

This was a great activity to go somewhere special and paint Halloween pumpkins.
The beach, the lake, the woods, the backyard, the dessert... just bring your pumpkins, some paint, and have FUN!

We hope you had a wonderful Halloween celebration this year!