Colorful Veterans Day Banner

We made a special banner for our favorite ARMY Veteran this year. Here are the projects we did to create our banner and say THANK YOU for Veterans Day.

Toilet Paper Roll Fire Works

First we trimmed the ends of the roll to make them stick out in a star pattern. Then one color at the time let the kiddos dip the roll into paint and stamp it on the paper.

Once they dried, we cut black letters from card stock and glued them on top of the fireworks to spell out the word "HAPPY".

Marker and Eyedropper Art

We took paper plates and colored them with washable red and blue markers... freestyle coloring!

Next, we used water and eyedroppers to create a watercolor look (you can use napkins to blot the ink as it runs). This is one of our kiddos favorite art time activities these days!

Once the plates dry, trim the edges and use a marker to write your words over the art.

Then hang your banner for all the world to see! We are so grateful and appreciate all of our Veterans past and present.