Sensory and Fine Motor Owl Crafts

Here are two owl crafts to engage your toddler/preschooler and give them a chance to sharpen their fine motor skills.

Pinecone Snowy Owls

This was a great fall activity for us. First we started with a nature walk around the neighborhood to collect pinecones. Our little ones LOVE nature walks.

Here are some tips on prepping pinecones found in the wild for art time.

1. Spray pinecones with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle (you can add essentials oils if you'd like)
[Here is a fantastic fall potion: equal drops sweet orange, clove, cinnamon bark]

2. Make sure to spray all around the insides to kill any critters that might be on the cone (in the south we have chiggers!)

3. Once the pinecones have dried, use a nail file to sand down any sharp spikes

Now we are ready to start making our snowy owls -- with extra sensory fun!

1. Give your toddler a bowl full of cotton balls, let them shred, spread, and fluff the cotton. [sensory]

2. Next, show your toddler how to push the cotton into the pinecone using a separate cone. [sensory and fine motor]

(Letting them do their own craft is a great way to let them take the lead on art-time, you can make a craft along side them so they have an example)

3. Once the pinecones are stuffed with cotton, it is time to cut out eyes, ears, and beaks.

4. If your preschooler is starting to use scissors, cutting triangles beaks can be an excellent way to get started. You can hold the paper at an angle, while they cut. [fine motor]

5. Let your little one assemble the pieces with glue sticks or white glue onto the pinecone [fine motor]

6. Once your owls are assembled, let them dry and proudly display them for all to see!

Paper Bag Owl Puppets:

There are a ton of ideas online to make paper bag owl puppets, so pick your template! We used these shapes to make our owl faces and wings.

Once you have the shapes ready to go here are the tips for making this a fine motor-packed activity!

1. Let them use a new medium to color the wings (we used sharp color pencils). 

2. Make a puppet along with your preschooler so they can mimic you. Be sure to let them have their own glue-stick.

3. Once you have created your owls, be sure to have "puppet show" time! Let your littles practice putting their hands in the bag to make the owls hoot and sing.

Have Fun!