Ball Learning and Activity Plan AGE: 14 Months

Our daughter LOVES ball time, so we created a learning plan all about BALLS!

  • Laundry Basket Ball
  • Hollow O' Ball and Scarf Pull
  • Ball Sticker Art
  • Ball Color Drop
  • Ball Books
  • Hoopla Kidz "Spell BALL"

Laundry Basket Ball

This is EASY and it happens to be a toddler favorite. Just empty a laundry basket and find all the balls you can. Next, show your little one how to put them in the basket. We play this all the time. It provides a focused gross motor activity and can be an intro into teaching your little one to clean their toys!

O'Ball and Scarf Play

The grasping O'Ball is always a favorite... you can find them HERE. Just take any soft scarfs and push them inside, your little one will have fun pulling the scarfs out, while practicing those fine motor skills!

Ball Sticker Art

Sticker art is a one year old MUST! We try to write the word of the image while we do projects, so they begin to recognize the letters too... this was her favorite activity this week!

Ball Color Drop

This activity is so much fun. You will need to save old oatmeal tubes to make the drop for the balls (large solo cups could work too).  Just tape them to the wall, then guide your little one on color sorting. If they are too young for color sorting... just let them have FUN!

Ball Books and Images

Find and identify ball images and look for images online... be sure to point out that "ball" begins with the letter "B".  Ask baby to say "BALL" and find the ball in the book!

HooplaKidz "Spell Ball"

This is a fun video clip to use while teaching baby about BALL (or preschooler to spell BALL).  FIND IT HERE

Have FUN!