Creative Play: Pasta, Beans, Lentils, and Oats

Here are three ideas for creative play with your preschooler, using food you can find in your pantry!

1. Painted Pasta "Imagination Sticks"

Our little guy called these "imagination sticks" ... and they were a big hit around here.

  • Let your preschooler paint and decorate penne pasta
  • Let the pasta dry
  • Using pipe cleaners make beaded penne sticks
  • They shape and connect to create anything you can imagine!

2. Invitation to Play: Clay and Beans

A plate of pasta, oats, beans, and rice with some play-dough can be a very inviting and creative activity for your preschooler!

3. Glue and Lentils

This is a classic project, but sometimes we forget how much little hands LOVE to glue things onto paper!

Have fun.. and keep CREATING!