Age Two: Fine Motor Fun

Fine motor activities are important for early childhood development. They are also easy to overlook, when things get fun and crazy.  We try to set aside time for fine motor play each week.

Here are some very simple ideas to help your two year old unleash those fine motor skills.

1. Egg and Spoon Match

We made a color matching game with plastic Easter eggs and different utensils. It was a big hit! We took color bowls and matching eggs, and let our little one match them up (using the utensil of his choice).

2. Pom Pom Transfer Time

Pom poms are always great for fine motor activities. In this "invite to play" we provided different utensils with pom poms and sponges to transfer back and forth.

3. Oil and Water Whisking

Our little one LOVED this. We provided oil and water (with coloring for added fun). Whisking can be difficult for little ones, so we used a tall plastic pitcher so he could mix it quickly without getting too messy. Watching the colors settle into two layers was like magic for him!

4. Spray Bottle Chalk Cleaning

This is a great intro to chore time! After a fun sidewalk chalk session, give your little one a spray bottle filled with water and a scrubber -- let them clean up! Maneuvering a spray bottle is an excellent fine motor challenge.

Keep learning and HAVE FUN!