8 Months Old: Crossing the Midline

It is never too early to start engaging your baby in "crossing the midline" activities. Crossing the midline can be described as using limbs from the opposite side of the body during an activity.

When babies and toddlers do not exercise this skill, you will notice the tendency to use the right hand for activities on the right side of the body and the same on the left. Around seven or eight months old is a great time to start introducing more midline activities, because baby is starting to become mobile... but isn't racing across the room just yet.

Here is a game to get you started!

One Too Many

Start by giving baby two objects (one for each hand)

  • Introduce a more exciting object
  • Baby will then drop one of the toys to reach for the new object
  • Slowly move the object to the other side of the midline so baby will be grasping the object and crossing the midline

Be sure to repeat on both sides!

This is a simple way to boost mental stimulation during playtime. Have FUN!

To learn more about crossing the midline and how it can enhance cognitive development check out these great links:

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