Sensory Play for a Rainy Day

Simple sensory activities for your preschooler -- these are great on cold weather days while you are stuck inside!

Salted Sensory Beach
Sensory stimulations: olfactory, visual, kinesthetic-tactile

  • Epsom salt (or regular salt if you can't find epsom)
  • Essential oils (about three drops shaken into every cup of salt) - we used eucalyptus and rosemary during this activity for energy and focus
  • Shells, rocks, sticks, whatever you can find!
  • Water (we added washable blue coloring for extra sensory fun)
First our little guy used his tools, counted, and buried the shells in the sea salt...

Later, we introduced the water so he could practice his fine motor skills while pouring...

Ice Painting
Sensory stimulations: visual, kinesthetic-tactile
  • Tub of ice
  • Water colors
  • Paint brush
This is an easy activity, with a beautiful outcome!

Have fun!