Preschool at Home: Number Sequencing

Here are four excellent activities to help your toddler practice number sequences.

1. Caterpillar Glue Board
  • Cut different color circles with the numbers you are practicing (1-30 shown here)
  • Make caterpillar heads and glue them to a poster board
  • Let your little one get to work with his glue stick (we counted in groups of ten)

2. Flower Garden Counting Sticks
  • Make Flower numbers and tape them to skewers
  • Make the garden with floral foam covered in plastic wrap (I added green paper for grass)
  • Let your little one stab the skewers into the garden

3. Simple Line Puzzle
  • Color a fun scene
  • Draw the numbers on the side of the paper
  • Laminate and cut into strips

4. Line-up Lego Wash
  • You can get as creative as you would like with this (we had ten stations including a foam wash and buffing station)
  • Label and line up the Lego wash, and let your little munchkin get to work counting while cleaning his toys!

Have fun and keep counting!