Birth Affirmations, By Susan Singer

This little jewel of a book offers encouragement and reflections for the journey of bringing a baby into this world.  When I started reading, my cheeks probably turned a little red. The sincere affirmations dive into the raw and private questions, worries, and thoughts I imagine all women go through during the stages of new motherhood. Am I going to do a good job? Will I be able to birth my baby? Am I ready for this? What if I can't breastfeed? This book is well suited for those who want to be authentic and genuine about pregnancy, and not console themselves with cliches.

Susan Singer provides women with empowering affirmations, accompanied by her original artwork. Her sketches provide a unique and honest depiction of early motherhood, with a bold twist. It will make a special gift for any mother-to-be with an appreciation for the mysterious and spiritual side of bringing life into this world.

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We recently learned that Susan Singer is offering commissioned portraits of babies combining graphite with zentangle patterns. To contact the artist for a commissioned portrait email

This image makes me smile, and it gives a preview of her bold and honest work...

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About Susan Singer: Painting a wide variety of subjects in many media, Susan Singer is difficult to pin down as an artist unless one recognizes that her ultimate goal is to mindfully follow her leadings, regardless of how diverse they may be. She began her artistic career drawing herself and friends, pregnant and about to bring forth new life. After that, she created massive pastel paintings of scars to come to terms with her sons’ life-saving operations. She drew Twelve Naked Men to draw attention to society’s tendency to objectify women, but not men, then painted over 50 life-size female nudes to help women recognize the gorgeousness of their bodies regardless of their size or shape. Last year she focused on a life-long delight in patterns and, along with her husband, created a product called Triangle Play to encourage creative play.  Birth Affirmations is the most recent project to arise from her verdant imagination and she loves that it comes full circle from where she started - with tiny drawings of pregnant friends.

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