Number Sequence Learning Toy Wash

This is a great way for your toddler to practice number sequencing, while washing his toys! We took a whole box of legos and set up a numbered car wash line. Our little guy loved it.

We incorporated 10 stations:
  • 1. Dirty legos
  • 2. Pre soak (water)
  • 3. Foam wash (foam soap and scrubbers)
  • 4. Full wash (soapy water)
  • 5. Rinse (water)
  • 6. Vinegar rinse (vinegar and water)
  • 7. Clean rinse
  • 8. Drying rack
  • 9. Buffing station (towels)
  • 10. Clean legos

After setting up the station, show your toddler how to move each lego down the line, and be sure to count while you move along. Our little guy jumped right in!

It also makes a fun tummy time activity for little siblings!

Don't forget to review...

And, as always get messy and have fun!