Christmas Activities for Toddlers

We had a lot of fun with our toddler this Christmas, and we also made some very special keepsakes! Here are the top activities from the season...

  • Christmas Tree Line Art
  • Toddler Sharpie Mugs
  • Paper Wreaths
  • Jingle Bell Magnet Letters

Christmas Tree Line Art

We made these from our toddler's beautiful paintings! We cut ascending sized strips and glued them to paper to make Christmas trees. They make great Christmas thank you cards.

Toddler Sharpie Mugs

The Sharpie paint markers aren't safe for toddlers, so this is a way to improvise! We let our toddler color on the mug with washable non-toxic markers. Then, (with great integrity to keep his original designs) we traced around the edges and let the paint marker dry for 24 hours. After the paint dried, we wiped away the washable marker, and baked the mugs for 40 minutes at 400 degrees.

They look fabulous!

Paper Wreaths

These are pretty simple! Just cut a ring from a paper plate and let your toddler paint them. We used red ribbon for the finishing touches.

Jingle Bell Magnet Letters

Our little guy is really into words, so we made a game with jingle bells and letter magnets. He would fish for each letter with the bells. It was a big hit!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from JellyFishSticks!