Christmas Activities for Baby

Here are six activities for baby at Christmas time! (best for ages 5-7 months)

  • Painting Paper Plate Wreaths
  • Jingle Bell Socks
  • Hand Ornaments
  • Marker Ornaments
  • Ice Play
  • Roller Box Painting

Painting Paper Plate Wreaths
  1. Cut the ring edge from a paper plate
  2. Place paint and the ring into a ziplock bag
  3. Tape to baby's highchair
  4. Let baby paint away
  5. Let the paint dry and decorate with red ribbon

Jingle Bell Socks
  1. Thread jingle bells with yarn
  2. Gently tie them around baby's ankles
  3. Let baby do her thing!
(Our little one LOVED this game)

Hand Print Ornaments
  1. You can buy a kit like this: hand molding kit
  2. Or make your own dough like this: salt dough recipe from The Imagination Tree

Marker Ornaments
  1. Purchase wooden ornaments from the craft store
  2. Let baby draw on the wood (with Mommy and Daddy's help)
  3. Once the ornament is done paint a clear coat of modge podge to preserve baby's work
This is a fun activity for the whole family!

Color Ice Play
  1. Freeze ice cubes and food coloring in Christmas silicon molds
  2. Place them in ziplock baggies for sensory playtime

Roller Box Painting
  1. Tape paper inside of a tupperware container with a lid
  2. Add drops of paint
  3. Place rollable objects into the box (rocks, oranges, limes, golfballs, walnuts, etc)
  4. Close the lid and let baby shake and roll her own masterpiece

If you look closely, you will see a Santa image in her artwork!

Merry Christmas from JellyFishSticks!