Baby Games: Age Five Months

Our little sweet gal just keeps growing ... it's funny how they do that! Here are the games we played with her this autumn to encourage learning and development.

1. Colorful Oil and Water Bag (With Foam Fall Leaves)
  • Place oil, water, food coloring, and floating foam in a zip-lock bag (we used leaf shapes for autumn)
  • Let baby explore the bags on her own
  • Tape them to the ground for an adventurous addition to tummy time!

2. Criss-Cross Game
  • This is a popular game for 5-6 month old babies to encourage right brain/left brain development
  • While baby is on her back, place her right foot in her left hand, then repeat with the opposite sides
  • Let baby explore, hold, and try to replicate the movement on her own

3. Bubble Time

We do this in her Bumbo seat. These are still a little controversial, but we use them for a maximum of 10 minutes a day, which isn't long enough to interfere with any kind of physical development. They give baby a new perspective, and she LOVES it!

Bubbles are awesome for babies!

4. Counting Fun (Leaves)
  • It is never too early to start counting with baby
  • Use objects that are new and interesting while verbally counting (repetition is excellent)

5. Leaf Dangles
  • Use a rainbow support to dangle objects baby can grasp and pull
  • Great for fine motor development!

Have Fun!!