Veterans Day Crafts for the Whole Family

Here are five crafts to make your Veterans day a little more festive!

  • Star Paper Wreath
  • Daddy's Boot and Baby's Footprint
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Simple Paper Lantern
  • Outdoor Glitter Letter Wreath

Star Paper Wreath
This craft is great for toddlers learning to use glue.

Daddy's Boot and Baby's Footprint
This is a special keepsake! (The sky blue letters add a special touch for our Infantry Vet...)

Coloring Sheets
You can print them online, or make your own!

Simple Paper Lantern
You can make these with cardstock and tape. Our toddler loved pretending these were rockets.

Outdoor Glitter Wreath
This was made using a small canvas, acrylic paint, and glitter letters from the craft store. We put a layer of modge podge to help weather proof the sign...and it stood up to a couple days of rain!

Happy Veterans Day to all the Veterans whom have served!