Halloween Activities for Baby

Our little sunshine loved her Halloween activities!

Here was our activity list this Halloween:
  • Halloween "Bum"pkins
  • Cheeseball Crunch Balls
  • Candy Corn Footprint Bouquet
  • Hide the Pumpkin
  • Halloween Squishy Bag

Halloween "Bum"pkins 
I'm sure our little one will hate these during her teenage years, but appreciate them one day... which is why I laminated them!

It helped to make a station with paint, paper, and a washing tub. She was giggling the whole time!

Cheeseball Crunch Bag
Our little one was really into this!

Candy Corn Footprint Bouquet
The bumbo seat really helps make great footprints.

Hide the Pumpkin
This was a fun game to incorporate into tummy time. It also helps little ones start to learn object permanence.

Halloween Squishy Bag
Orange soap in a ziplock bag is great for sensory play with baby!

You can also use these as a weighted blanket for additional sensory fun.