Ant and Bee Learning Plan: Age Two

We started reading Ant and Bee books (Angela Banner) this fall. Here is the lesson plan we followed to incorporate spelling, reading, science, music, math, art, cognitive development and fine/gross motor learning.


  • Ant Art Project
  • Ant Post-it Trail
  • Ant Color Match
  • Ant Anatomy Puzzle
  • Bee Art Project
  • Bee Music Shaker
  • String of Bees: Toddler Sewing and Counting
  • Insect Antennae Headbands
  • Singing and Dance
  • Reading and Online Material

Ant Art Project
A simple glue stick project using card stock

Ant Trail Post-its
Use marker to draw ants onto a post-it pad, let your toddler peal them apart and make an ant trail --then count them!

Ant Color Match
Use colored markers to draw a board of labeled color ants and cut out corresponding ants for a simple matching game.

Ant Anatomy Puzzle
This is a simple construction paper cutout of the insect's head, thorax, and abdomen.

Bee Art Project
We sponge painted the paper plates, then used black paper for stripes. We also used a plastic bag to make wings for the bees.

Musical Bee Shaker
These were made from toilet paper tubes, colored tape, and navy beans. 

These were a great addition to our music time!

String of Bees: Toddler Sewing Game
We drew bees onto plain white paper, laminated them, and punched holes in the top. We took thick ribbon (attached to a ring) and taped the end to make a toddler safe sewing game. This was also a wonderful counting game and fun toy for running and jumping!

Insect Antennae Headbands
We made these from pipe cleaners and wore them to sing "The Ants go Marching" -- a great activity to combine counting and gross motor fun.

Reading and Online Materials:

  • Ant and Bee Books: By Angela Banner
  • Hoopla Kidz Spell Well: Ant and Bee
  • Mother Goose Club Playhouse: "Bees"

Don't forget to go outside for an official "Ant Hunt" and have fun!!!