Age Two: Halloween Activities

Our toddler had a pretty great Halloween this year! Here were some of his favorite activities...

  • Sheet Ghost Zip Line
  • Puff Paint Ghosts
  • Water Color Resistant Spider Webs
  • Scented Moon Sand Sensory Bin
  • Sponge Paint Pumpkins
  • Easy Matching Game
  • Five Little Pumpkin Clothespins
  • Confetti Pumpkin Art

Sheet Ghost Zip Line
We made ghosts from cardboard and an old sheet, then tied them to shower curtain rings. The zip line was made connecting two door knobs with twine. He LOVED it!

Puff Paint Ghosts
Combine equal parts shaving cream, glue, and paint to make puff paint.

Water Color Resistant Spider Webs
We used white crayon to draw a spider web, then let our little one water color over it to reveal the web. It was a big hit!

Scented Moon Sand Sensory Bin
Combine vegetable oil, flour, and pumpkin pie spice to make scented (edible) moon sand. We added Halloween goodies to make a mini toy sandbox!

Sponge Paint Pumpkins
Our guy is really into sponge painting and glue sticks, so this was the perfect activity this Halloween.

Easy Halloween Matching Game
Our toddler loved to play this memory game. Draw any two matching pictures...and flip the cards over so your little one can match the two images by memory.

Five Little Pumpkins Clothespins
The "Five Little Pumpkins" song is a huge hit in our house. We made these pumpkins so our kiddo could play along while he counts.

Confetti Glued Pumpkins
Glueing is always a popular toddler pastime!

Happy Halloween from JellyFishSticks!