9 Games for Your Toddler Halloween Party

Here are nine games to try at your next toddler Halloween party!

1. Candy Corn Color Match: Make a giant paper candy corn and find yellow, orange, and white adhesives for the kiddos to match their colors.

2. Halloween Pom-Pom Drop: Use paper towel rolls and stock paper to make a fun pom-pom drop.

3. Mini Pumpkin Patch: Let the kiddos take home a mini pumpkin.

4. Make-a-Mummy: Use masking tape and googly eyes to make a paper mummy.

5. Felt Jack-o-Lanterns: Incorporate shape learning and cut felt pieces to design your own jack-o-lantern.

6. Halloween Window Clings: You can pick up Halloween window clings at your local dollar store (most toddlers LOVE these).

7. Halloween Window Painting: Use ziplock baggies for easy and clean window painting (cut black shapes of the back of the bag for an extra Halloween touch).

8. Spooky Sticky Ribbon Art: Use clear contact paper to make a sticky surface, and cut different lengths of ribbon so your little ones can create Halloween ribbon masterpieces.

9. Halloween Sticker Board: Make a board for your little ones to go to town with those developing fine motor skills -- Halloween sticker style, of course.

Have FUN!