Baby Games: Three Month Olds

Our little one had so much fun discovering her world this month! Our discovery games focused on sensory and motor development. Here are seven games to try with your three month old baby.

  • Scarf Play
  • Kick n' Splash
  • Scented Tummy Time
  • Touch and Feel Books
  • Roll the Ball
  • Beach Ball Bounce
  • Warm and Cool Sponge Strips

Scarf Play (Fine Motor and Sensory Development)

Most babies LOVE scarves! They are especially great for infants to practice grasping and pulling.

Kick and Splash (Sensory and Gross Motor Development)

This is an easy game. Just place a tray filled with luke warm water on a towel or mat, and let your little sunshine do her thing!

Scented Tummy Time (Olfactory Sensory and Gross Motor Development)

Sometimes I like to spice up our daily tummy time (literally). This game simply requires some natural smells to introduce to baby. I used rosemary, lime, lemon, and cinnamon -- placed them into a cup, covered them with wax paper, then poked holes in the top. Our little one enjoyed examining the cups and they added a new element to our routine.

Touch and Feel Books (Language and Sensory Development)

Baby will love being read to while feeling the textured pictures!

Roll the Ball (Visual and Gross Motor Development)

This game is a tummy time enhancement. Simply get a ball, and roll it back and forth during tummy time. This will help baby work on visual development, while exercising her neck and gross motor skills as she follows the movement of the ball. Let baby try to hold the ball for added fine motor fun!

Beach Ball Bounce (Gross Motor and Sensory Development)

Take beach balls and let baby kick and hit them around in her pack and play! This is also a great way for baby to get an introduction to the principle of cause and effect, since the balls will move easily from her touch.

Warm and Cool Sponge Strips (Sensory Learning and Fine Motor Development)

This game is great for baby -- Simply take two color cello sponges and cut them into graspable strips. Let them sit in cool and warm water, then place them in front of baby. We used the Boppy pillow to prop baby so she could explore the sponges on her own. She loved it!

Have fun, Sweet Sunshines!!