Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Introducing Toddlers to Opposites

This month we introduced our toddler to opposites!

We complied a list of opposites to introduce to our two year old. The list was quite long, so we selected the top seven opposites and created activities to introduce them. Here they are:

  • Hot/Cold
  • Dark/Light
  • Up/Down
  • Big/Small
  • Loud/Quiet
  • Fast/Slow
  • Left/Right

  • Frozen and warmed bread [not too hot of course]
  • Plastic ice cubes and warm sponges/towels

  • Sunglasses playtime
  • Hiding under the blanket
  • Light and dark sorting game

  • Window sun game (with bonus art project)
  • Reach up and squat down game

  • Big/small sorting game
  • Big/small shapes

  • Instrument/music time
  • Clapping game (open clap loud/closed clap quiet)

  • Wind-up toys
  • Fast/slow running game 

  • Washable markers to draw L and R on hands
  • Right hand in/left hand in while getting dressed

Keep learning little ones!

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