Space Activities for Toddlers: Age Two

Our little guy has been very interested in the moon, sun, stars, Saturn, and rockets -- this prompted us to create a space activity plan for him this month! It was a big hit.

Obviously, the concepts of the universe and space are too complex for a two year old, but that doesn't mean we can't focus on identifying galactic objects. He really loved it! First, we took time to identify and number the planets.

We completed an art project for each planet -- here they are in order...

#1: Mercury -- We used red and blue finger paint on grey paper. The final product looked great!

#2: Venus -- We used sandpaper and markers to create a textured planet.

#3: Earth -- I got this idea from and it was a success! Mix glue, shaving cream, and paint to make your own puffy paint. (I let our little guy do the mixing)...

#4: Mars -- Finger painting on paper plates

#5: Jupiter: Embroidery thread glued on tag board

#6: Saturn -- Paper shapes glued on tag board (we used yarn and paper for the rings)

#7: Uranus -- Glitter glue pens on dark blue paper (with a single piece of yarn to represent the ring)

#8: Neptune -- We used crayon and marker on white paper, then used a wet paper towel to give the marker a watercolor appearance.

We laminated each of the planets, so we cold play and line them up everyday. He got really good at identifying each planet and ordering them properly.

Here were the other space related activities we did this month:
  • Water Bottle Rockets
  • Moon Sand
  • Glitter and Glue Sun
  • Sticker Art
  • Moon Phases
  • Galaxy Play Dough

Water Bottle Rockets

Pour paint into empty water bottles, and let your little one shake it up. (Mess-free painting!) Then, use stickers and paper to decorate the bottle. Finally, tape ribbon or streamer to add a rocket trail.

Moon Sand 

This is an easy recipe, just mix flour and baby oil.  Use more flour for flaky texture and more oil for mushier texture, the mixture shown is two parts flour one part baby oil. It was so soft, our little guy really liked squishing it!

Glitter and Glue Sun

We used a round piece of glitter paper, and cut orange and yellow strips of paper to glue for sun rays.

Sticker Art

You can find very cool galaxy and star stickers at the dollar store. (It's always great to exercise those fine motor skills!)

Moon Phases

Our kiddo seemed a bit confused about a crescent, half, and full moon. (He hears us call each of these "the moon", but they are different shapes.) We did a project to identify all three shapes of the moon, and now when he sees the moon he says "full moon" or "crescent moon" -- it's adorable! We used finger paints on light grey paper, then white sponge paint to give it a lunar texture.

Galaxy Play Dough

This is super simple -- use black play dough and roll it in gold glitter!

Have fun kiddos!