Baby Games: Two Months Old

Here is a list of activities and games that our two month old really enjoyed!

We do activities twice a day, usually following a solid nap. Two month old babies have very limited attention spans, but they do love to be engaged. We tried different ideas with our little one, and it was easy to find which games were her favorites.

Baby's First Games (Age Two Months)
  • Balloon Kicks
  • Streamer Rainbow
  • Baby Wipe Pom Poms
  • First Sensory Bin
  • Flashlight Fun
  • Tube Whispers
  • Shoelace Game

Balloon Kicks (gross motor development): For this game, we gently looped two balloons around our baby's ankles. She loved this activity! She would kick the balloon and smile when it moved with her.

Streamer Rainbow (fine motor and sensory development): For this activity you need an overhead bar to tie paper streamers (we used our Taggies playmat). We softly tied and draped colorful paper streamer above baby, so she could feel and grasp the paper. She would get very excited when she was able to grasp and pull a streamer down!

Baby Wipe Pom Poms (fine motor and sensory development): This is very simple, just let baby hold and grasp wet baby wipes. The moist towels will give her a new sensation to explore.

Baby's First Sensory Bin (sensory development): [SEE FULL BLOG HERE]

Flashlight Fun (visual sensory development): At age two months, high contrast is still important for baby. The flashlight game allows baby to see light against a dark background. We would go into a dark space (usually a closet) and shine the light on the wall or on our toes. Our little one was very interested in this game! (Be mindful never to let the light shine on or near baby's eyes, obviously.)

Tube Whispers (auditory sensory development): This is a super easy activity -- just grab a paper towel tube and make soft whispers to baby. This really peaked her interest!

Shoelace Game (fine motor and sensory development): Our little one loves to play with shoelaces. They are heavier than ribbon, so it is easier for her to grasp and pull them. You can find all kinds of colorful laces and they are washable (because they will end up in her mouth). We let baby watch them swing and dangle, then let her try to swat and grasp them.


Don't forget these other fun activities:

  • Toy rattle play
  • Yoga with baby
  • Singing
  • Tummy time
  • Reading