Baby's First Discovery Bin

As our little sweetheart is enjoying her new surroundings, we wanted to give her some fun items to discover. It is easy to find things for her to explore, because everything is new in her world!

Here are the items we used for our two month old baby girl's first sensory/discovery bin...

1. Beads: First, we let her explore the items by looking at them and listening to them (if they make sound). The beads clanking together really got her attention! Then, we let her feel and grasp the beads in her little fingers.

2. Bristle Brush: She liked feeling this with her toes! It really made her smile.

3. Felt: She used her fingers and her toes to explore this texture.

4. Smooth Massage Tool: She really liked how easy this was to grip!

5. Bright Shoe Laces: This was by far her favorite in the bin! She loved looking and grasping the laces. (The weighted laces are much easier than ribbon for newborns to grasp.)

Have fun, little ones!