6 Toddler Activities [So You Can Cook Dinner]

Cooking dinner can be a challenge with a new baby and a curious toddler in the house. Here are six inexpensive (toddler-tested) activities to keep your kiddo occupied, while you make dinner for the family.

1. Inflatable Color Game: First, our kiddo matched all of the colors and played with the inflatables. Once he was done with that, he peeled the tape off of the floor to make a "sticky ball"!

2. Pom Poms and Containers: Our little guy loves to play with these! Just grab a bag of pom poms and a muffin tin, ice cube tray, or any container and let them do their thing.

3. Dollar Store Shower Rings: These are fun for sorting, connecting, arranging, counting, etc.

4. Shaped Notepads: This is super easy and fun for kiddos to pull apart each sheet.

5. Q-Tip Drop: Clean an old parmesan cheese container and let them get to work developing those fine motor skills!

6. Window Clings: It is always good to keep these around!

Happy Cooking!