Shape Learning for Toddlers

This month we focused on SHAPES!

Here is the learning plan we followed:
  1. Shape Tape Puzzle Game
  2. Shape Pizza
  3. Finger Painting Shape Art
  4. Sticky Yarn Shapes
  5. Salt Sketching
  6. Shape Hunting
  7. Q-Tip Shape Sculpting
  8. Felt Shape Fun
  9. Shape Books and Toys

1. Shape Tape Puzzle Game: We used scotch tape to map the shape outlines on the floor. Then, we cut out and labeled the corresponding shapes.

2. Shape Pizza: We made a paper shape topping bar and let our toddler pick and glue shapes to his pizza. Once the pizza dried we counted all of the shapes together!

3. Finger Painting Shape Art: First, we finger painted tagboard which had shapes made on them with scotch tape. Once the paintings dried, our toddler pulled off the tape to reveal the shapes. We counted all of the sides and identified the shapes. Finally, we cut, arranged, and glued the shapes to a piece of tagboard. (This was Mommy's favorite project)...

4. Sticky Yarn Shapes: The sticky boards are made from tagboard, clear contact paper, and duct tape.

5. Salt Sketching: This sensory activity can get messy with a toddler, but it is a lot of fun!

6. Shape Hunting: Our little guy had fun finding shapes around the house!

7. Q-Tip Shapes Sculpting: This was a big hit! (It is great for fine motor development.)

7. Felt Shape Fun: Our little one loves felt boards. He had a lot of fun sorting and counting the shapes.

9. Shape Games, Toys, Books, and More: Here were our top picks to support the learning plan this month...

Shapeville Park from Leapfrog (Find on Netflix or rent from your local library)

Melissa and Doug Shape Puzzle

Mickey Shapes and Colors Flash Cards (Find at Dollar Tree or on Amazon)

Fisher Price Shape Sorter

Curious George Shape Book

We hope this plan inspires you on your shape learning adventures! Have FUN!