"Emotions" Learning Plan for Two Year Olds

As our toddler's vocabulary continues to grow, we wanted to introduce him to more adjectives. We started with four basic emotions to help him begin to use his words to describe feelings.

We focused on the following emotions:
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Silly
  • Mad

Here were the list of activities we used:
  • Emotion Faces
  • Family Emotion Photo Boards
  • Internet Image Fun
  • Velcro Face Board
  • Emotion Coloring Pages
  • Mirror Faces
  • Emotion Books

By the end of the month, our little guy could identify and mimic all four feelings.

Emotion Faces: This is how we introduced the four emotions to him. We played, identified, and mimicked these faces for a week before doing any additional activities.

Family Emotion Photo Boards: Next we made these photo boards with Daddy, Mommy, and Grandma making the emotion faces. (We added the same drawings from his round faces so he could mentally match them).

Internet Image Fun: Our little guy loves to look up photos online! We would set aside time each week to look up baby and toddler faces on the internet.

Velcro Face Board: This was a huge hit! We made the face on tag board and added velcro. Then, made different shaped velcro mouths and eyebrows to express all four emotions.

Emotion Coloring Pages: He would say and mimic the emotions as he colored!

Mirror Faces: We encouraged him to make expressions in the mirror, so he could see his own face!

Emotion Board Books for Toddlers: Here were our top picks this month!

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! By: Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
Happy Hippo, Angry Duck By Sandra Boynton
Baby Faces By: DK Publishing

This learning plan really helped with "tantrum management" -- we hope it inspires you!
Have FUN!