Essential Oil Aromatherapy for Newborns

As we prepared for the birth of our baby girl, we wanted to incorporate essential oils into our daily routine, starting from the day she was born. The olfactory senses are the strongest developed sense at birth.

We decided to make a simple mix of water and essential oils. Essential oils have so many amazing benefits, but while you are pregnant and nursing it is important to talk with your doctor first and always dilute them with a carrier oil.

For the hospital, we decided to use vanilla essential oil aromatherapy.  We read studies about vanilla aromatherapy used for calming newborn babies after surgery. It was amazing how the vanilla scent created a calm and comfortable mood in our hospital room! My husband was great about spraying it every couple of hours, and you could see the expression on our new baby turn to calm and relaxed, almost instantly.
  • 2.5 cups water
  • 1.5 tablespoons oil (you can use vegetable glycerin to dilute into water)

After reading about the benefits of essential oils and how greatly they can help influence the mood of your newborn, we decided to incorporate three scents to signal changes in our newborns routine.

There are only a few scents which are appropriate for a new baby. After extensive research, we found that vanilla, lavender, and lemon are the best for babies age 0-3 months. We made the following mixtures:

Lemon - for "wake up" time
Vanilla - for daytime play
Lavender - for bedtime

The lavender aromatherapy helped get our newborn onto a predictable bedtime schedule by two weeks old! We have learned that introducing aromatherapy during the first few weeks can prove to be beneficial for the rest of their lives!