Quick "Kid Kit" for Babysitters

Here is a great quick and easy "Kid Kit" for Babysitters (especially while Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital for a few days)...

For those of you whom have read (or watched) The Babysitters Club series, you probably remember "Kid-Kits"! Now that I am a mom, I thought I would help Grandma while she watches our toddler with a spiffy and specialized "Kid-Kit"... I am hoping this helps with our anxiety while we are at the hospital delivering our newest addition!

Here are my top 10 inexpensive items:
They work best when used one at a time for about 15-30 minutes each...

#1 - Paper Plate Counting and Sorting
I just wrote the numbers 1-5 on paper plates on found some shapes (our kiddo loves stars) to use while they count and sort...

#2 - Bubbles!

#3 - Busy Wallet

#4 - Flash Cards
These are always a hit with toddlers!

#5 - Shapes (Plates and Felt) for Sorting and Matching
You can get creative with this, but basically cut out felt shapes and find corresponding color plates...

#6 - Coloring Books and Crayons

#7 - Shower Curtain Rings
These are great for sorting, matching, building, counting, etc.

#8 - Card Stock for Sticker and Marker Art
This can provide hours of entertainment!

#9 - Felt Shape and Color Board
This is great for quizzing on colors and shapes

#10 - Notebook and Pen for Writing
This always makes our toddler feel like a big kid, to use a REAL pen and paper to draw and write...

Having a "Kid-Kit" ready to go, has already come in handy! It helps relieve some of the anxiety associated with leaving our toddler for a few days to have our NEW BABY!