Red, White, and Blue Themed Play Date

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, we had a RED, WHITE, and BLUE themed sensory play date! We hope these ideas will inspire your next themed play date.

Sensory Activities:
  • Red, white, and blue color pasta sensory bin
  • Red and blue sensory gel bags
  • Star plates and felt shapes
  • Hard and soft tactile sensory bin
  • Red, white, and blue shower curtain rings

Red, White, and Blue Sensory Pasta
After cooking the pasta, shake different portions in a few drop of food coloring

Red and Blue Sensory Gel Bags
These are filled with colored beads and soap, then sealed with duct tape

Star Plates and Felt Shapes
These are great for color matching

Hard and Soft Tactile Sensory Bin
This included: beads, wands, cotton, scarves, bells, and ribbon

Shower Curtain Ring Play
These are great for counting and fine motor skills

Happy Memorial Day weekend!