Montessori Inspired Nature Activity Plan for 24 Month Olds

We had a lot of fun with the nature learning activities! The weather has finally turned to summer, so we were able to get outdoors to collect what we needed for our lesson plan.

Here was our activity list:

Sensory Activities

  • Nature Sensory Bottles
  • Nature Sensory Tray
  • Rock Polishing and Washing

Learning and Development

  • Nature Matching Game
  • Stick Counting and Letter Making
Arts and Crafts
  • Leaf Window Catcher

Gross Motor

  • Outdoor Exploring

Nature Sensory Bottles: These were made with sticks, pinto beans, flowers, and green leaves

Nature Sensory Tray: This included pinto beans, smooth stones, leaves, lilies, roses, and sticks

Rock Polishing and Washing: We used soapy water and scrub brushes to wash the rocks

Nature Matching Game: These are internet printouts on card stock with matching nature items

Leaf Window Catcher: These leaves are stuck on the paper plate using clear contact paper

Stick Counting and Letter Making: We just collected some sticks and got to work!

Outdoor Playtime and Exploration: We did this all month...

Have FUN!