Extended Color Learning for 23 Month Olds

Once we finished our "Introduction to Colors" activity plan, we wanted to continue enhancing our toddler's color learning. Here are some of the activities we did this week to follow our introduction to colors.

  • Color Cereal Sorting
  • Laminated Color Wheel with Clothespins
  • Color Ice Melting
  • Color Toys, Balls, and Bowls

Color Cereal Sorting: We used a muffin tin, and rainbow cereal -- our little guy loved this! It was also a great fine motor activity.

Laminated Color Wheel and Clothespins: We made this with paper, markers, and clear contact paper. We then colored the top of the clothespins to match the colors on the wheel. It was a big hit!

Color Toy Sorting: We used colored bowls and balls for hours of learning and playtime all week!

Colorful Ice Melting: This was probably his favorite -- because he got to get messy! Just freeze ice cubes with one drop of food coloring in each cube, then place them into sorted bowls.

He liked it when Daddy quizzed him about colors...

And, of course, we got messy!

Keep learning and HAVE FUN!!