Easter Activity Plan for 22 Month Olds

We had a lot of fun with our Easter activities. Here is a list to help you get started on crafting your Easter Activity and Art Plans.

Art and Fine Motor Projects:
  • Two-Step Paper Plate Bunny
  • Two-Step Basket and Cotton Eggs
Sensory Activities:
  • Easter Soup
  • Dry Sensory Eggs
  • Easter Themed Sensory Bin
  • Easter Egg Dying
Gross Motor:
  • Easter Egg Hunting

Two-Step Paper Plate Bunny
  1. Use markers to color on pink paper and cut them into bunny ears
  2. Draw a bunny face on the paper plate, and use nontoxic glue sticks and cotton balls to make the bunny fuzzy

Two-Step Easter Basket and Cotton Eggs
  1. Put water and food coloring into plastic cups
  2. Give kiddos paint brushes and tools
  3. Let them drip and dip cotton pads into the colored water
  4. Let cotton pads dry overnight

To make the basket:
  1. Draw image directly on card stock or cut image and paste to card stock
  2. Use nontoxic glue sticks to glue ribbon and green paper to the basket (great for fine motor)

Easter Soup
  • Pink food coloring and water
  • Plastic eggs
  • Foam flowers
  • Bowls and containers
  • Cooking utensils

Dry Sensory Filled Easter Eggs
You can go crazy with this activity -- use your imagination! Our eggs were filled with:
  • oatmeal
  • pasta sells
  • rainbow cereal
  • paper easter grass
  • yarn
  • felt pieces
  • sponge pieces
  • cotton balls

Easter Themed Sensory Bin
  • Chilled whole carrots
  • Gooey play dough
  • Soft cotton balls
  • Squishy rubber ducks
  • Smooth plastic Easter eggs

Dye Easter Eggs
Since little toddlers can't dip eggs into small cups, we used large pots and whisks to secure the eggs. This was a huge success!

Easter Eggs Hunts
Any Easter egg hunt is tons of FUN!!

Happy Easter and Have FUN!!!